Being ‘soulmates’ is a responsibility, it is a feeling like no other and it is an eternal emotion, that has no expiry date!

Moreso, it is not this listicle that will only validate a person to be your soulmate. You know it in your mind and heart if your partner is your ultimate and a forever resort. So, be mature enough to nurture your life with responsibility and sensibility and simply not just keep fooling around JFF!

Do not get swayed off your feet, so easily!


It might be that you love her with all your heart, but there maybe a chance that she is not your ‘soulmate’. We would only like to open your eyes to the bigger picture, to save you from crashing into your feelings!

Here, we do not question your love for your partner, at all.

#1. She is jealous and invades your privacy.

If she is always wearing the ‘doubting cap’, she is surely not the one. Respect and trust play a major role in the success of any relationship, and if it is hard to find that in her, maybe you should reconsider your feelings.



#2. You barely chill with each other…

There is no spice or spark left in your relationship and you get bored of her pretty quickly. Mind it, it is a big sign that you will not be together for long, if you do not long for each other. If adventure and spontaneity are nowhere to be seen, think about it.

#3. Sexual chemistry is what you guys lack.

Compatibility takes a toss when the urge for each other takes a dive. In the initial days, when being away from each other was a nightmare, to now, when intimacy is just a distant memory, sadly, soulmates is not the tag for you…

#4. Wide communication gap between you and her.

When there is bickering, random unnecessary fights on petty things, lack of efforts and sometimes no talks at all, a wide communication gap is created. This is surely not a good sign, folks.

#5. There are constant fights.

If your partner gets angry on pesky issues and finds it an obligation to understand your POV, thrusting up only theirs, then it is time to reconsider your relationship.

#6. Only physical connect is driving the two of you.




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